1000 Bikes Campaign

11% of goal reached so far.

Join our campaign to provide access to education to at risk girls and young women in India and Cambodia. Help raise funds and awareness around the challenges they face and ride with us! A $75 gift supplies a girl with a bike, a pump, a lock, tools and requires the students’ guardians sign a contract that states they will keep their child in school for at least two years. The commitment is verified through Lotus Pedals.

Get Involved

  1. Host a bike ride fundraiser.
  2. Engage your local rotary, corporate giving program, or bike shop.
  3. Hold a fundraising dinner.  
  4. Get creative!

Email info@lotusoutreach.org to learn more, receive campaign materials, and support. Learn more about Lotus Pedals here.

The Need

  • Only 35% of Cambodian girls attend secondary school.
  • Schools are too far away to walk.
  • Safety hazards along the way such as violence, crime, heat, wild animals, etc.
  • Young girls in the developing world are prime targets for abuse and sex trafficking. For example, half of the 600,000 to 800,000 people trafficked across international borders every year are children.
  • At-risk girls are more likely to drop out of school and join the labor force to supplement income for their families.

How Lotus Pedals Works

Step 1: Evaluation

Girls receiving bikes through Lotus Pedals must meet the following criteria:

  • Be from an extremely poor family (parent with disabilities, orphans, etc.)
  • At risk of dropping out.
  • Girl must live at-least 1 mile from school.
  • Parents or guardians must be committed to their girls education and sign the agreement to keep their daughter(s) in school.

Step 2: Donation ceremony

The donation ceremony honors the girl’s commitment to their education as well as making sure that the bicycles are distributed properly. The Lotus Pedals program includes:

  • A bicycle
  • A pump, repair kit and lock.
  • A commitment to 2 years of education with contract with parents or guardians.
  • Verification of that 2 year commitment by Lotus Outreach.

Step 3: Monitoring & Oversight

Monitoring and oversight ensure the families of beneficiaries stay committed to keeping the girls in school and consists of:

  • Ensuring the bicycle is still being used for Lotus Pedals.
  • Assisting in maintenance of the bicycle.
  • Checking in with the beneficiary and her family to make sure she is attending school regularly.
  • Overseeing that the girls stay enrolled in school for 2 years.